A success story about implementation of ISO 27001 and 9001: How online platform Doccle did it

Is it possible for a SaaS company to implement ISO standards, and how and why should SaaS companies get certified? On your way to success, this is an important step, and this is just what Doccle did, when it broke out as a unique digital player in Belgium and beyond. It decided to implement ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 as a SaaS.

This fast-growing online platform for administration began as a startup in 2014, and today numbers at 13 employees and 1.4 million end users subscribed, with a wide range of more than 100 companies delivering invoices and other documents. Doccle’s Chief Operating Officer Peter De Rudder (47), who has been in the IT business for 25 years, talks exclusively for the Advisera website about what ISO implementation brought to the company, what problems they faced during the implementation, and how they resist the security and privacy threats related to online payment processing and document handling.

Peter De Rudder, COO at Doccle, ISO 27001 certified SaaS company

Peter De Rudder, COO at Doccle, ISO 27001 certified SaaS company

Why did Doccle decide to improve its security and quality?

Doccle wants to be the trusted platform in these times of increasing risks. GDPR regulation also played a role. Customers today are more vigilant about entering into an agreement with a vendor that does not take security seriously.

It seems that you are a young, unique company with competitors in Europe and worldwide. What makes you so unique?

The concept of Doccle is really unique in Belgium, but also across Belgium’s borders. It is accessible to anyone, on mobile or PC, and your entire administration is located on one single platform. There’s a guarantee of the legal retention period, you have full control of your document, security and privacy are at the core of our organization, and we are free forever for our end users, because our income comes from the companies that (Read more...)

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