VPNs and the Ongoing Battle for Privacy

On this episode of the Infosec Cyberspeak podcast, Pete Zaborszky, founder of, discusses VPN best practices, some of the issues around VPN use and privacy, and the ethical considerations of VPN use.

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In the podcast, Zaborszky and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– What was your tech journey to founding (1:05)
– What is your organization’s purpose and how long have you been writing about VPN use? (2:20)
– How has the use of VPNs changed since they were first introduced? (3:45)
– Is the concept of VPNs considered taboo by Internet service providers? (6:25)
– What are the main reasons people are using VPNs? (8:30)
– What is the difference between privacy and anonymity? (9:35)
– How can you verify claims that VPN service providers do or do not keep logs? (12:00)
– How do you recommend listeners go about shopping for a trustworthy VPN provider? (15:00)
– What are some interesting uses of a VPN that most people may not have realized? (17:15)
– With only 23% of countries having a free and open internet, what role can VPNs play helping view restricted content and organize civil action? (18:30)
– What security measures should VPN users implement when using VPNs? (19:50)
– Where will VPNs be going in the future? (21:10)
– Is there a chance that VPNs might be co-opted by large corporations who don’t have the same dedication to privacy? (22:40)

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