Two Doors to SOAR Visual

This post is inspired by an idea (and a visual) from my esteemed colleague Toby Bussa.

It reflects our view that while you have TWO major routes to security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) success, only one of them is in fact “right” for most organizations. And the other is “right” for a very select few of elite organizations, and in fact “wrong” and painful for most others.



Essentially, you have TWO DOORS TO SOAR.

  1. “Automation / orchestration first – this path leads most to ruin, but it did lead some enlightened elite organization to raging success with SOAR
  2. “Workflow / case management first – thus path is unglamorous, but it is the one where we see more success for most mainstream organizations that are seeking to adopt SOAR.

There you have it, pick the door and go.

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And, no, we are not doing any new SOAR research at this time, and there are no solid plans to do so. Perhaps next year?

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