Digital Risk Management: Where do I start?

The security team exited the meeting with heads down.  They had just spent a tough two hours packed in a conference room.  Charles, the CISO, was particularly stressed.  His mind was swirling with the implications of the discussion he and his team had just endured.   He could feel the anxiety of his crew; their nervous looks being exchanged across the room as the business team walked through their new initiative.  They collectively walked into the ‘bull pit’, the area around their respective cubicles and immediately broke into a cacophony of chatter.

“15,000 users on the first deployment?  Plus, one to two thousand add per month?  We won’t be able to keep up!”

“Did anyone catch the mention of expanding to Europe?  That means EU citizen data, I don’t think they understand the implications.”

“Don’t get me started on the architecture.  We haven’t even started looking into the specs and they have their contractors already coding.”

Charles raised his arms to quiet his team.  “Folks – I know this is a big lift.  But you heard the opportunity in front of the business.  This is high stakes.  Let’s work the issues and get the ball rolling.”

Digital initiatives today are the lifeline to many businesses.  The doors opened by leveraging new technologies – like IoT, social, big data analytics, AI, augmented reality and a host of others – are immense.   So, what (Read more...)

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