Bromium Secure Platform Powers HP Sure Click Advanced

  • Following a successful launch of HP Sure Click in 2017, Bromium is expanding our relationship with HP Inc., with the introduction of HP Sure Click Advanced
  • HP Sure Click Advanced – the enterprise-ready extension of HP Sure Click which comes pre-installed on select HP PCs – is powered by Bromium Secure Platform and is a as part of HP Device as a Service (DaaS) Proactive Security offering
  • A growing collaboration with an industry leader like HP Inc. further validates Bromium’s technology market leadership and the mounting momentum for application isolation approach to endpoint security

Expanding Our Relationship with HP

Earlier today, Bromium announced an expansion of our relationship with HP Inc., with the introduction of HP Sure Click Advanced, which is part of the HP DaaS Proactive Security Service. HP Sure Click Advanced is an extension of HP Sure Click – a product of successful HP and Bromium technology collaboration originally announced in 2017. Powered by Bromium’s hardware-enforced application isolation, HP Sure Click Advanced provides turnkey protection against risky activities like opening email attachments, clicking on links in email, browsing, or downloading files.

Bromium isolates risky activities from the host, enabling the HP DaaS Proactive Security service to deliver the world’s most advanced isolation security service for files and browsing on Windows 10 PCs, regardless of whether the endpoints come from HP or another manufacturer.

All malware and threats are trapped inside micro virtual machines, allowing security teams to safely watch the threats play out and respond more quickly to security incidents, using complete and easily shareable forensics analysis. When integrated into a wider security stack, Bromium threat intelligence helps HP make their customers’ environments more protected.

Most Trust Hardware To Protect the Enterprise

HP Sure Start, HP Sure Run, HP Sure Recover, HP Sure Click, and now HP Sure Click Advanced are all part of HP’s commitment to create the world’s most secure and manageable PC. By building trust directly into the hardware platform, HP allows enterprises to shift cyber security decisions away from their end-users, while providing detailed, near real-time threat intelligence and high-fidelity telemetry to their security operations teams.

From the moment HP users power on their devices, to the moment they click on a potentially malicious document, HP leverages modern hardware features to isolate risk and prevent attacks. No other hardware manufacturer has gone to such lengths to protect the enterprise.

Strengthening Threat Intelligence

For Bromium customers, collaboration with an industry leader like HP will drive additional threat intelligence data, helping to further classify malware and reduce false positives. All threat intelligence is shared with customers, including HP Sure Click users, improving the experience for both employees and administrators.

Our growing technology collaboration with HP is a great endorsement for Bromium’s strategic technology leadership position and the growing market popularity and acceptance of our approach to endpoint security.

Learn more about our relationship with HP Inc.

Learn More About HP Sure Click Advanced

HP Sure Click Advanced will be available in more than 50 countries starting in April 2019, as part of the HP Device as a Service (DaaS) offering – a complete managed solution that combines hardware, security services, analytics, proactive management, and device lifecycle services.

Learn more about HP DaaS Proactive Security Service.

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