5 Ways Data Protection can Secure Customer-Centric Innovation

Author : Huz Dalal

“Privacy is such a vital ingredient to organizational success, both to protect data and foster innovation.”

John N. Stewart, Senior Vice-President and Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cisco

It is gratifying to see Cisco independently verifying what we hear from our customers: businesses benefit from data protection investment.

It is widely agreed that data is the most valuable asset at any enterprise; information is the ultimate competitive advantage. Organizations determined to harness the power of their data to drive their agility and growth are embracing innovation and as a result, data infrastructures are constantly evolving.

Most organizations have established separate teams for each data silo, with no coordination of data security policies, management or enforcement. The challenge facing organizations is that data is pervasive and does not stay in a single, on-premise silo but is proliferated by the use of cloud SaaS or IaaS. This raises the risks for breaches and we see them now, more common than ever – and more impactful.

Global studies show that the average total cost of a data breach is now USD 4 million and consumers are asking more than ever about how their private information is captured, used, shared and stored as it fuels the growth of the brands they are loyal to.

Every business should have a nuanced data protection strategy that ensures their customers’ personal data is kept safe at every stage in its lifecycle — no matter where it is used or resides. Organizations adopting a proactive, holistic data-centric approach to protecting structured and unstructured information in all types of analytical and transaction systems can expect to benefit in these ways:

  1. Lower cost of ownership – automated discovery and protection of sensitive data and increases efficiency
  2. Ease of use – central, singular control simplifies security policy enforcement, enterprise-wide
  3. Peace of mind – analysis of automated logging reporting and auditing drives smarter data protection
  4. Reduced risk – sensitive data itself is protected using a combination the strongest and most appropriate methods available
  5. Agile growth – scalable protection of data itself enables confident adoption of cloud innovation

Intelligent privacy design ensures that the data being secured retains its business value – remember data is the ultimate competitive advantage, so securing it effectively is critical to ensuring growth and agility. You can find out more in this video, Securing the data that powers your business growth and innovation, featuring Protegrity SVP Products Dominic Sartorio, highlighting key trends in data-centric security within the enterprise.

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Huz Dalal, Sr. Director Product Marketing

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