VCP 6.5 Certification & Exam

The VMware Certified Professional 6.5, or VCP 6.5, is a data center virtualization certification offered by VMware. To earn this certification, candidates must satisfy a general certification path laid out by VMware. This path includes passing the VCP 6.5 — Data Center Virtualization exam.

This article will detail both the VCP 6.5 certification and exam. By the end of this article, you will know what steps to take to earn the certification and will have a general overview of the Data Center Virtualization exam.

What Does VCP 6.5 Certify to Employers?

The VCP 6.5 certification lets employers know that the certification holder knows how to implement, configure, manage and troubleshoot vSphere V6.5 infrastructures with a best practices-centered approach. This approach provides a flexible, powerful and secure business agility foundation that allows for accelerated transformation to cloud computing.

Candidates can pursue this intermediate-level certification without attaining any previous VCP certifications. They can also recertify to VCP 6.5 from an older VCP certification.

How Do I Earn My VCP 6.5 Certification If I Have Not Previously Earned a VCP Certification?

This is a good question to ask, as this is the situation that most VCP certification candidates will probably find themselves in. VMware has set out a path for those who are pursuing VCP 6.5 as their first certification. This is a general path to certification: Steps do not have to be performed in a certain order, but some steps must be completed before you qualify for the VCP 6.5 certification exam.

Step 1 — Gain Experience

Candidates will need to gain six months of experience working directly with vSphere 6.5. To earn this intermediate-level certification, candidates will need a short list of some other skills to ensure understanding and (Read more...)

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