Tips to Help You Move Beyond a Help Desk Role

Climbing the professional ladder is not an easy task, and this can seem especially scary when you are a newcomer at an entry-level position. In truth, taking into consideration today’s global market, there are many exceptional career tracks. With proper preparation, a little bit of planning and the will to win, it is likely that any professional can find amazing career opportunities and move from a junior position towards the top. It’s only a matter of time until you find that dream job which offers not just a great salary, but also the satisfaction of succeeding in a quite competitive field.

A common mistake is putting your career planning on hold until you have acquired some experience and already taken your first steps into the corporate world. This approach can cause you to miss out on many interesting opportunities.

To avoid this problem today, we’ll look at your opportunities when coming from a very common entry position: the help desk role.

1. Understanding the Help Desk Role

The help desk role is often an entry-level or junior position in most organizations. However, its importance to the business cannot be ignored. Within the ITIL life cycle, the help desk role is a part of the Service Operation phase, meaning you are effectively working to ensure that IT services operate as expected by the company. Help desk employees are often working side-by-side with critical business processes and even identifying severe incidents, including those relating to cybersecurity issues.

If you already landed a help desk position, understand that this is the time to create a solid foundation for your career. After all, you will have contact with most of the company’s systems, interactions with users in different departments and the opportunity to start creating a network of relationships. Remember that people can be (Read more...)

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