The Current State of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity — CyberSpeak Podcast

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Eric Stevens, vice president of engineering and principal architect at ProtectWise, discusses the current state of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity and the company’s recent report on the topic, “The State of AI in Cybersecurity.”

In the podcast, Stevens and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How did you get involved in tech and transition into security and engineering? (1:05)
– What tasks is AI performing in regards to cybersecurity? (2:25)
– What are the benefits of AI-enabled security? (3:40)
– Why is that executives are the primary drivers of enthusiasm for AI-enabled security? (5:40)
– Are “in-the-trenches” professionals concerned about AI leading to layoffs? (6:45)
– What exactly are AI-based security solutions doing? (7:50)
-What are the biggest security risks related to AI-based security solutions? (10:30)
– What are the limitations of AI-based security? (12:20)
– Will AI-based solutions be able to fill deficiencies through continuous learning? (14:05)
– What improvements would you like to see in AI-based security programs in the future? (15:45)
– Do you see other industries utilizing AI and finding solutions without leading to laying off a portion of their workforce? (17:45)
– Are there any skill sets employees should focus on if they fear AI taking over their roles? (20:15)
– What security issues should we be on the lookout for in other forms of AI? (21:30)
– What are you currently working on at ProtectWise? (23:20)

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