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Networking, Pitch Perfecting and More: Meta Networks Heading Back for Another Round at RSAC Early Stage Expo

We launched Meta Networks in the fall of 2017, and immediately pinpointed one of our first goals as participating in RSA Conference in San Francisco a few months later, in the spring of 2018. We knew it would be a hefty goal to achieve, and we actually thought it might be impossible since registration typically closes the year before. Despite our concerns, we decided to contact the organizers just in case, and were thrilled when they extended the opportunity for us to participate in the Early Stage Expo (ESE). The management team discussed the opportunity together and decided that as an early stage startup just emerging from stealth, it would be a perfect fit. We didn’t yet have a large marketing operation, and most of our resources had been allocated to the launch of our Software-Defined Perimeter platform, so we knew that the kiosk as part of the ESE package was exactly what we needed. 

Our strategic location next to the Sandbox drew plenty of traffic throughout the entire event and we met with and interacted with so many interesting people and potential clients, partners and customers. In fact, many people went out of their way to visit the ESE and told us that they were interested in meeting startups like ours and seeing what’s new in the field. For many RSA Conference participants, the ESE was a nice change of scenery to the familiar faces in the main expo hall. 

The ESE really is the perfect solution for startup companies looking for exposure and networking opportunities. The booth doesn’t require an enormous event budget or any complex marketing operations, and we found that it really allowed us to focus on our presentation and pitching our Software Defined Perimeter solution. We were able to mingle and make connections, instead of dealing with logistical issues. 

Because of our positive experience last year, we were very happy to find out that RSA Conference has extended ESE participation for startups for a second year. We are very much looking forward to coming back and meeting new participants, learning from the sessions and polishing our pitch. We are grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to see what is in store for us at RSA Conference this year. 

All in all, attending RSAC as part of the ESE was a great experience for us as we met many potential customers and partners, and we were also able to generate a lot of traffic at our newly launched website, We wholeheartedly recommend the ESE to any startup in the security market and look forward to meeting you in San Francisco.

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