Earning Network+ CEUs

Networking is a dynamic field that requires facing new challenges and keeping on top of the latest security trends and advancements. Cyber-pests are continually developing sophisticated attacks to compromise corporate network security. On the other hand, IT professionals require new ideas and techniques to deal with these culpable attacks. Staying current with up-to-date networking technologies and security is indispensable for enhancing your organization’s security posture.

For this purpose, you need to obtain CompTIA Network+ certification, then earn CEUs through a CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) program to keep your credential current and ensure longevity in your IT career. With this certification, you will be able to troubleshoot, configure and manage networks.

So what are CEUs (Continuing Educational Units) and why do you need them?

In this article, you will learn about Network+ renewal requirements, CEU validity, renewal activities, CEU submission process, the Network+ retake policy and the future of the CompTIA Network+ certification.

What Are the Network+ Renewal Requirements?

The CompTIA Network+ certification is valid for three years from the day a candidate passes the exam. To renew a certification again, a student has to earn 30 CEUs during the three-year certification life cycle. If a student does not earn these CEUs, their certification becomes invalid and no longer be accepted for new jobs.

The CompTIA CE program allows aspirants to renew their certification in the three-year interval by participating in training and activities related to the content of Network+ certification. However, these activities must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Timing: It is vital to complete activities within a three-year certification renewal cycle
  • Relevance: The content of your activities must be at least 50% related to one or more of your Network+ exam objectives
  • Documentation: Providing documentation of following activities is essential to obtain CEUs:

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