Designing out cyber threats

In response to reports that 40% of UK businesses have experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months, the Government’s Business Secretary Greg Clark has announced that businesses (and consumers) are set to benefit from increased security and protections, which will be ‘built into’ digital devices and the online services that we use every day.

The announcement on 28th January said that up to £70 million will be provided in Government investment via the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which will also be backed by investment from industry.

In the announcement, it talked about ‘designing out’ many forms of cyber threats by ‘designing in’ security and protection technology/solutions into hardware and chip designs. The basis of this is to remove a significant proportion of current cyber risks in the devices being used.

From our perspective here at PCI Pal, ‘designing out threats’ is something that we help contact centres achieve by removing sensitive credit card data from their systems: We are supporting businesses and organisations across the UK – and internationally – in de-scoping risk by ensuring the valuable data that hackers are trying to reach is not managed, processed or stored within an organisations’ IT or contact centre environment.

In fact, the latest guidance from the PCI SSC includes advice to de-scope contact centre environments to stop credit card details from entering the business’ environment. If this is achieved, complex infrastructure already in place may no longer be in breach of the new stringent PCI regulations, resulting in avoiding hundreds of hours of complex IT work or expensive restructuring.

Greg Clark said, “The UK is set to become a world leader in the race to eradicate some of the most damaging cyber security threats facing businesses and better protect consumers”, from PCI Pal’s perspective, as a UK based company, we are proud to already be leading the way by supporting contact centres in managing payment card risk from cyberattacks, to safeguard their brand’s reputation and trust.

The renewed focus and agreed investment from Government is however a hugely positive step in eradicating as many paths as possible, which are currently being exploited.

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