Weak-Kneed GoDaddy Security Implementation Permits Large-Scale Email Bomb Threat Transmissions

via the highly respected Dan Goodin – Security Editor at Ars Technica, comes the story of a fundamental design weakness at GoDaddy, Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), whcih permitted thousands of domains registered at GoDaddy, Inc. to be hijacked, leading to bomb-threat emails to be processed and delivered on December 13, 2018 (email-serving related data is contained in DNS records – which is not the flaw specifically).

Perhaps a modicum of diligence in ferreting out flaws (ideally on a continuous basis), instead of focusing on creating bullshit laden advertising touting your company’s misaligned-to-reality information security architecture and engineering capabilities is in order GoDaddy, Inc.… Let’s get those prioritties aligned correctly, and you’ll end up with a posture that’s squared-away.

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