The Story: Vermont State Official Proves Carrier Claims Of Coverage Are Hogwash

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John Dillon writing at Vermont Public Radio, brings forth the true story of Cory Chase, a State of Vermont Telecommunications Infrastructure Specialist and his quest to accurately detail mobile telephony signal coverage in his stunningly beautiful State (easily one of the most beautiful States in this Union of ours). This superbly written screed also includes a link to Mr. Chase’s interactive arcGIS map and his excruciatingly detailed Mobile Wireless 2018 Report. Enjoy. H/T

“The state challenged the carriers’ maps following a rigorous procedure for data collection outlined by the FCC. That’s what had Chase driving around with the six cell phones, each capable of sophisticated download speed tests every 20 seconds. The result was 187,506 download speed test results at locations about 360 meters apart along all of the major roads in the state.” – via John Dillon writing at Vermont Public Radio

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