Senator Rubio: Latest Privacy Legislative Efforts A Futile Exercise

Now, that’s a senatorial chamber, eh , Skywalker?

Now, that’s a senatorial chamber, eh , Skywalker?

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Senator Rubio’s new privacy bill will prevent States from ratifying their own privacy laws; I wonder what his Constituency thinks of this.

I’m astonished that the good Senator bothers to leave his home in the morning to craft what is essentially a rehash of previous ineffective legislation for his ‘American Data Dissemination Act of 2019’. Perhaps he should just phone-in his CRs (Clean or Not), Bills and what-not … I’ll wager his effectiveness, efficiency and popularity would rise exponentially…

Perhaps this weekend, I’ll point my admittedly jaundiced (don’t forget skeptical) gaze towards Simson Garfinkel, PhD’s (Dr. Garfinkel is the United States Census Bureau’s Senior Computer Scientist for Confidentiality and Data Access and the Chair of the Bureau’s Disclosure Review Board) superb tome targeting the oft-uttered ‘death of privacy’. Entitled in a apropos fashion: ‘Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century“. (Please note the preceding book link is not an affiliate link to booksellers – mh). Oh, and then there’s this

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