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The Company

Rhode Island-based Cybereal Technology Solutions was founded in 2014 to provide IT and security services to small and medium businesses across the New England region.

Founder and owner Bob LaCroix, a managed service provider and IT services consultant for more than 20 years, explains the company’s focus.  

“Our mission is to provide enterprise-grade, top-tier IT and security solutions to SMBs. This level of service is usually designed for larger corporations with in-house staff and bigger budgets. Our differentiator is that we act as a technology concierge to our clients, working to identify services that are cost-effective and easy to use and manage.”

The Challenge

Bob and the team at Cybereal are familiar with the hurdles associated with delivering strong cybersecurity to SMBs.

As Bob explains, ”The threat situation today is the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s an entirely different environment now, with phishing attacks and direct attacks on networks and devices becoming the norm. We are a small team at Cybereal, so the ability to constantly monitor client sites, scale operations, and deliver the best security services, within SMB budgets, is an ongoing challenge, especially as the volume and types of cyberthreats increase.”

The Solution

Through his past experience serving enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers, Bob frequently evaluated antivirus and remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions. He found Avast Business Managed Workplace RMM to be the best fit. After founding Cybereal, he chose to use Avast Business Managed Workplace and Avast Business CloudCare to better serve his SMB clientele.

Bob is particularly happy about the recent addition of Antivirus Pro Plus to the range of online security services offered in CloudCare, saying, “The beauty of the CloudCare integrated antivirus is having the ability to choose and install exactly what I need for each customer and service plan. From the CloudCare central portal, there are dozens of features and services to choose from and apply to a client’s site. I can completely customize my installations for those who need a basic level of protection, or those who have more critical data needs. The sheer number of options at such a low price is phenomenal.”

The Cybereal team is also moving more of its clients from CloudCare to Managed Workplace to take advantage of the comprehensive RMM functionality, with the Managed Workplace security assessment tool as the secret to their migration efforts.

Because it can be difficult for clients to initially understand the benefits of moving to an RMM, Cybereal began using the Managed Workplace security assessment with its CloudCare clients to generate security scores and show them where issues were present, demonstrating the value of upgrading.

Cybereal also relies on the Managed Workplace patch management capabilities. “It’s critical to keep devices patched, and the recent patch enhancements in the Managed Workplace RMM platform have strengthened our defense for clients,” adds Bob. “For example, the Managed Workplace Patch Approval tool allows me to easily identify and filter new Windows and Microsoft software patches, and approve or deny them with just one click.”

The Results

Cybereal has experienced significant advantages from moving to Avast Business Managed Workplace, including:

  • Saving more than 1,100 hours annually using the Managed Workplace monitoring and patch management capabilities, as well as the patch approval tool
  • Increasing network equipment sales by 50% in the past year using the Managed Workplace RMM capabilities
  • Signing two-year renewals for both Managed Workplace and CloudCare, as it continues to help Cybereal build its customer base through value-added services

Bob concludes, “The time savings and efficiencies gained with Managed Workplace can’t be overstated. If I didn’t have the patching, monitoring, and automation policies in place and was forced to manually patch each system and respond to issues in a “break/fix” manner, I would have a much smaller client base and lower revenues. Managed Workplace is like having a full time employee on staff, 24/7.”

If you’d like to experience security, efficiencies and savings similar to Cybereal, take a look at Avast Business Managed Workplace. Let our global cybersecurity engine protect your clients’ networks while providing the tools for you to grow your own IT business.

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