CompTIA Network+: Earning CPEs

CompTIA Network+ is a widely recognized entry-level IT networking certification that can serve as a stepping stone to various other networking credentials. While it’s vendor-neutral, some other vendor-specific credentials also require it as a prerequisite.

Based on factors like salary surveys and job postings, Business News Daily named Network+ as one of the five best networking certifications in 2018. Besides proving your skills as a network technician, the certification works well in other IT tracks, such as security and network administration.

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Renewing Your Network+ Cert

Once you receive your Network+ certification, you have to renew it through CompTIA’s Continuing Education (CE) program. Like all other CompTIA credentials, renewal is required every three years to maintain your certification current. Renewing your cert ensures that you’re staying abreast of new technology and best practices in the industry, since your expertise and knowledge needs to evolve to keep up with the rapid technology changes.

You don’t need to do anything to enroll in the CE program. Once you earn your credential, you are automatically in the program, and the three-year clock starts ticking.

CompTIA offers two ways of renewing credentials: through a single activity such as earning another, higher-level credential, or through multiple activities that include earning certs, receiving training and participating in industry activities. Prior to submitting your qualifying activities for Network+ certification renewal, you need to pay an annual fee. Fees for some of the activities are waived (noted below with an asterisk*).

Renewal Through One Activity

If you want to renew your Network+ credential through one activity, you have the following four choices:

  • Take the CompTIA CertMaster CE course*: A self-paced e-course that takes about four to six hours to complete and does not require a new exam. The course is designed to bridge the gap in your knowledge between (Read more...)

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