Technology Trends for the New Year That Are NOT About Security

As we inch closer to 2020, inquiring minds want to know … what’s next?

What new tech devices and features can we expect to cause “disruption” as we move into 2019? 

Do you remember that positive feeling when you powered up your first smartphone? Or how about the excitement felt when you started using a virtual home assistant, like Alexa, that controlled things with voice commands?

Perhaps you felt those same positive emotions this holiday season, with cool new tech toys under your Christmas tree. Or, maybe you have been disappointed with tech advances in 2018 and are waiting for something different to surface.  

For this look ahead at tech in 2019 and beyond, I am putting aside all the security threats, cyberforecasts and threat predictions of hackers stealing your precious data. (Side note: For those who want to dive into security predictions for the coming year, there are plenty of detailed cyber-reports, scary hacking trends and cybersecurity forecasts in my annual piece titled: The Top 19 Security Predictions for 2019.)

To begin any New Year tech discovery search, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always a great place to start. And 2019 is no exception, with another amazing lineup planned for early January. Here are three article examples to consider for product details:

What Does Inc. Magazine Highlight?

Inc. magazine recently polled numerous CEOs, CFOs and other business leaders to compile an impressive list of thought-provoking, innovative predictions to watch in 2019.    

Here are five that caught my eye from Christina DesMarais:

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