Spredfast Protects Salesforce Data With Spanning Backup

Spredfast provides a robust platform for the enterprise to harness the tremendous benefits of social media. It’s currently used by more than 2,000 global brands to manage over one billion social connections. Spredfast’s intelligent solutions have even won an Emmy for Innovation in Improving Engagement around TV in social media. Its recent merger with Lithium  promises even more new developments in the future of digital customer engagement.

Salesforce is Spredfast’s “system of truth” — holding all its valuable data. Relying only on Salesforce’s manual weekly backup for comprehensive backup and recovery would have been risky at best. Spredfast chose Spanning Backup for Salesforce for data and metadata protection based on its ease of use and flexible restore options.

“I like to say, I’ve got 99 problems but backup isn’t one of them,” says Stephanie Herrera, director of Salesforce and business systems at Spredfast.

Firas Yacoub, senior Salesforce admin at Spredfast, adds, “Data protection is a two-headed monster. You can try and prevent data loss with permissions, restricting access and field level security. But, when you’re dealing with 500-plus users, 10-plus integrations, and installed packages, there’s no way to get 100% coverage. You can’t prevent the wrong tool or person from editing something in Salesforce, especially when you’re dealing with millions of records. So the second part of data protection is having a recovery solution, so that if something does happen and it slips through your prevention efforts, you have a way to recover that data.”

Even with secure SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Office 365 and G Suite, data loss is a reality as they cannot protect you from human or malicious errors or malware at your end. Stephanie recalled an instance where uninstalling a legacy package caused important fields to be deleted. What could have been a catastrophe was a breeze with Spanning’s safety net.

“Had we not had Spanning? Had we just relied on the weekly export, we would have lost a week’s worth of data,” Stephanie says. “With Spanning recovery was so easy. Within less than 30 minutes we were able to restore our lost data.”

Read further to learn how Spanning keeps Spredfast’s data safe with its dependable backup and multiple recovery options such as point-in-time restore, granular restore, cross-user restore and self-service restore.

Don’t risk your data and organization’s reputation to data loss and malware. As Stephanie wisely says, “In any large company, mistakes will be made, but with Spanning, data loss is no big deal.”

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