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SFISSA’s 2018 Hack the Flag and Chili Cookoff

The South Florida ISSA Chapter is again held our annual Hack the Flag/Chili Cookoff in October of 2018.  For the third year we were hosted at FIU‘s Graham Center on their main campus.

As always, we had 2 games, a beginner and an advanced.  We had a lockpick village.  We had food and drink.  And we had a keynote speaker!   Oh, and our chili cookoff.

Rod Soto of NO QRTR CTF did the advanced capture the flag game as usual.

We (actually Dan Polimeni and Drew Indelicato) created the beginner game.

We had lockpick village, run by our own Mike Anderson.

We had cool t-shirts.

And our Keynote Speaker was Gal Shpantzer.

As always, thanks to our many sponsors for their support, including Fortinet who also provided networking equipment, including wifi!

If we had any problems, it was we had many who registered WHO DID NOT COME.  Sadly, these people took tickets that could have gone to people who wanted to come but couldn’t get tickets.  PLEASE, don’t sign up unless you are going to come.  We plan this event based on ticket “sales”, and while we know some won’t come, too many no shows throws things off.

We are looking at plans for our future events, both next year’s HTF and our 2019 Conference, so look for news soon!

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