November’s Feet of Clay Award: Intel Corporation

via the eponymous Patently Apple. comes astounding news of the latest disingenuous attempt at flawed privacy policy creation, this time by the clearly amoral Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC). Remember the 1995-and-onwards vulnerabilities monikered “Meltdown” and “Spectre? These are flaws Intel Corporation have never remediated and evidently never will… All said, would you trust your data to a company that cannot remediate it’s own engineering foibles? But I digress (in the vernacular).

The primary driving force that feeds rulemaking for writing public policy that will serve the people in a Constitutional Republic such as the United States of America must commence with forthright consideration of the true owners needs and the effects generated by the policy/rule under consideration, and not the derivative custodians of the assets under discussion. In this case, Consumer Data is the asset, the owners are people like you and yours truly, whilst the custodial holders of that data are the Corporations. The true benefactors are the source of the data: The Consumers. Further, any Policy, Rule, Tort, Bill and Act must-needs address the requirements, safety and prosperity of the true owners of those assets – the Consumers, and not necessarily the Custodians of the Assets.

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