Information Security (IS) Auditor Salary and Job Prospects


Businesses and corporations have to make sure that their lines of defense are beefed up on a daily basis. If there is just one tiny crack in the IT infrastructure, the cyber-attacker can find his or her way in very quickly and exploit all vulnerabilities and weaknesses to their advantage. Therefore, all systems need to be checked on a routine basis in order to help to make sure that this does not happen, as far as possible.

This is where the role of the information system auditor comes into play. In this article, we examine both the job outlook and the salary prospects for this role.

What Are the Specific Duties of an IS Auditor?

The role of the IS auditor is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the IS Infrastructure from within the organization. The specific job functions include the following:

  • Assessing the risks and controls that are associated with the IS assets of a business entity
  • Identifying the specific weaknesses of an IS system’s network
  • Planning and executing of various types and kinds of internal audit procedures
  • Creating and developing internal audit reports for the management team and the C-levels executives of a business or a corporation
  • Maintaining thorough and complete IS audit documentation sets
  • Create a set of best standards which can be used to conduct risk assessment studies
  • Making sure that previous resolutions to previous IT audit issues have been implemented
  • Developing the entire IS audit program for an organization
  • Collaborating with other business units (primarily those of finance and accounting) in order to develop a succinct list of IS audit inputs that can be used for processing
  • The creation and the development of IS audit test plans.

As one can see from this list, the role of the IS auditor is very integral (Read more...)

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