An important step toward peace and security in the digital world

I think we are all in agreement that the internet as it is today is a great achievement but there needs to be a certain level of agreement between the different players what should be done and what not.

On November 12th, Microsoft and other technology providers like Google, Facebook, Intel, Ericsson, Samsung, Accenture, Fujitsu, SAP, Salesforce and Hitachi signed the Paris Call together with more than 200 companies across the Globe.

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Supporters of the Paris Call are therefore committed to working together to:

  • increase prevention against and resilience to malicious online activity;
  • protect the accessibility and integrity of the Internet;
  • cooperate in order to prevent interference in electoral processes;
  • work together to combat intellectual property violations via the Internet;
  • prevent the proliferation of malicious online programmes and techniques;
  • improve the security of digital products and services as well as everybody’s “cyber hygiene”;
  • clamp down on online mercenary activities and offensive action by non-state actors;
  • work together to strengthen the relevant international standards.

I heard some comments that this does not go far enough. I think it is outstanding to have companies and government standing together and supporting such an important first step.

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