Alert Logic Unveils New Seamless Threat Management Offerings

Companies of every size and across every industry need to have the right tools and skills to defend against cyber attacks. For many organizations—especially medium-sized and cost-constrained companies—the array of security technologies and solutions and the sheer volume of cyber threats make the challenge seem overwhelming. Alert Logic has streamlined and simplified the process with the launch of new offerings that deliver the right security at the right cost and provide peace of mind, so companies can focus on innovating and growth.

Simplifying Cybersecurity

Medium-sized businesses and other organizations with smaller IT teams often lack staff with the specific cybersecurity skills necessary to implement, maintain and monitor security tools, or respond to cyber threats. There are virtually endless tools and technologies available to help defend the network, protect sensitive data, achieve and maintain security compliance, identify suspicious or malicious activity, and block cyber attacks—but navigating the options and selecting the right mix of tools is daunting without the expertise to understand what needs to be protected and how.

Most businesses realize the need for security and understand basic established best practices. They know they should have a firewall service, and defend against malware, and perhaps some way of network security monitoring to identify suspicious or malicious activity. But, how? Organizations have to select and purchase the tools, then install and properly configure them. Someone has to manage the data feeds and sift through security alerts. Finally, someone has to recognize attacks or potential attacks and take the appropriate action to stop them.

Alert Logic understands the need for cybersecurity and the challenges organizations face implementing and managing it. Alert Logic also recognizes that different resources and data within a network might require different levels of security and that each company is unique and needs cost-effective cybersecurity that addresses their unique environment—so we developed new offerings that simplify cybersecurity.

SIEMless Threat Management™

The new Alert Logic offerings deliver a seamless threat management platform with many of the benefits of Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and other advanced security functionality—without the complexity, staffing needs, and high cost typically necessary to piece together and effectively manage a cybersecurity infrastructure.

“Alert Logic worked closely with customers to understand exactly what they need: a competitive solution to bolster existing security operations,” said Marty Jablonski, Information Security Officer at healthcare cloud platform company Apervita. Jablonski is a member of the Alert Logic Customer Advisory Board. “Integrating disparate point solutions, SIEM tool projects or outsourcing security to vendors is costly, depletes resources, and exposes dangerous gaps when elements are loosely coupled. Enabling organizations to get the right level of coverage from a tightly integrated toolset for the optimal cost is exactly what we need most. Alert Logic has a proven security platform, the latest threat intelligence, and experts watching over our environments 24/7 – at a lower total cost than doing it on our own or other vendor approaches.”

To help customers get the right security at the right price, Alert Logic also developed a new Threat Risk Index to enable organizations to assess risk and map budget to the right blend of coverage for their unique environment and mix of technologies and data. Organizations can then prioritize actions that reduce their risk score, track progress, and report security posture.

The Alert Logic portfolio introduces three levels of coverage, ranging from visibility into assets and vulnerabilities and managing alerts, to preparing for and reporting on compliance, to implementing an effective threat detection strategy that is actionable and can be communicated to the C-suite and the board, to live support for remediation. Using the Threat Risk Index, customers can select the mix of Alert Logic Essentials, Alert Logic Professional, or Alert Logic Enterprise coverage they need to ensure each resource and asset gets the level of protection it needs.

“Mid-size and smaller teams are typically resourced more for prevention and access control but struggle to get an accurate inventory of assets, key weaknesses in their configuration, and vulnerabilities in deployed software,” said Bob Lyons, Chief Executive Officer, Alert Logic. “Only Alert Logic owns all three components—platform, experts and threat intelligence—to deliver tightly connected asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection and response, and application security—directed at the right level of coverage at the right time. We call it SIEMless threat management, and you can expect to see that in Alert Logic branding starting today.”

Alert Logic’s portfolio starts at $550/month for Essentials, $800/month for Professional and $1,200/month for Enterprise.

For more information on Alert Logic’s new portfolio, visit here.

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