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2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

2018 was a busy year for cybersecurity! The introduction of GDPR in Europe and changes to PIPEDA in Canada marked the regulation of personal data and privacy extending beyond national borders. Big technology companies felt the brunt of the penalties from them (Facebook). Hardware vulnerabilities reached new highs (Intel), and may even have been introduced into supply chains by nation-states (Supermicro)… All these headlines beg the question: could 2019 be even more action-packed? I posit: yes, it could be.

Here are my top predictions for 2019 in the world of cybersecurity features, threats, breaches, regulations, and their collective implications for businesses like yours.

Acknowledge the Letdown of AI and ML

Despite the promises of the marketing folks and the mathematicians, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) don’t seem to have significantly improved the protection end of the security landscape. Sure, their use in analysis and forensics are becoming common, but with so many false positives and negatives still out there, it remains unreliable at best (read more on why the human touch is still necessary here). My prediction is that tech-savvy businesses and consumers alike will see through the hype, and remain cautious when evaluating solutions whose differentiator is AI or ML.

Better Faster Stronger Ransomware

Demanding a ransom has proven very successful as a tactic for hackers to monetize their criminal activity in 2018. Yet, the software they use to achieve this is relatively simple, despite its ability to circumvent traditional prevention technology (because it’s not a virus, but encryption). My prediction for 2019 is that we see hackers’ technology catch up with the strategy, enabling faster encryption (read, destruction) of machines, and faster spreading of infection between them. Spoiler alert, detecting these new variants, and responding immediately, is going to be essential to overcome this new (Read more...)

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