[Webinar] Black Duck Legal Certification Course

Learn about software due diligence and how to answer your clients’ open source questions in our Black Duck Legal Certification Course.

Software audits for M&A webinar

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Black Duck Legal Specialist Certification Course

Bring more value to your M&A clients.

When clients evaluate a potential acquisition where software assets are a key part of the deal valuation, it’s essential to assess what’s in the code they are acquiring. Identifying open source in the target’s software is key to mitigating any potential open source risk in M&A transactions. Sellers, too, need to understand their code issues before beginning an M&A process.

Black Duck has performed thousands of M&A-related software audits to identify open source code and associated licensing and security risks. Those clients typically need legal assistance to guide their negotiation and remediation efforts.

Learn how to bring value to your clients in our software audits for M&A webinar

Take this course to become an expert in the Black Duck approach to open source audits. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of code scanning and software analysis
  • Why security is a growing focus in M&A
  • How to add more value in assessing risk for your clients
  • What to expect from a Black Duck audit and report
  • How to partner with Black Duck to provide these audit services to your clients

This course is geared toward firms advising clients in M&A due diligence, but in-house counsel may find it valuable as well.

For any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

What: Black Duck Legal Specialist Certification Course

When: Wednesday, Oct. 9 @ 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT

Who: Hal Hearst, solution architect, Synopsys; Phil Odence, GM of Black Duck Audits, Synopsys

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