The McSweeney Effect: Writer Offers Up Personal Data (Direct Purchase Only)

Lucas Gardner, writing at the mildly superlative McSweeney’s is the culprit on this data-access-missive. With a Sliding Scale package structure, and certainly The-Best-Data-Slup-Deal-On-The-Market; ranging from the smallest dataset level for Mr. Gardner’s atomic-level datum – monikered ‘The Grain of Salt” package (currently quoted at single Buck) all the way up to “The Jackpot” data package (at twenty Large). All, of course, are truly Today’s MustRead!

In today’s “digital landscape” (a phrase that I came up with by myself), everyone’s personal information is for sale. Internet service providers, search engines, and social networks are selling everything there is to know about someone to companies every day so that they can use it for marketing. It’s a really solid business model and I respect it, but if any companies out there are trying to buy my personal information I would prefer they do it from me directly. – via Lucas Gardner, writing a McSweeney’s

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