Report – Friday, 26 October 2018

  • Indicators within normal range, but showing a slight increase in the number of global attacks, as well as on the spam front.
  • Top states targeted by cyber-crime activity are Delaware, Nevada and New York. The least affected state is Washington.

New Incidents

  • No new incidents discovered today

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  • Data Debrief summarizes total activity for the prior 24-hour period and provides a comparison with we consider typical rates during a non-election or major event period.
  • Daily Trends provides noted comparisons across days or weeks, or notes unique profiles of activity in conjunction with other factors that are worth watching and may serve as cybersecurity or information warfare indicators.
  • New Incidents are actual attacks, exploits or compromises we have directly found and identified during this 24-period and will be detailed as a linked blog post.

As applicable, Bitdefender Labs will also notify the impacted parties.  Based on legal and privacy implications, or sometimes upon the impacted party’s request, we may not report on this site at the time of detection/breach, or possibly ever.  Therefore, this list is not comprehensive of the daily incidents detected and reported by Bitdefender Labs.

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