Pass SOC 2 Audits in One Click? Not Possible! Until Now.

As a Saas company, you’re  expected to be secure and compliant.  As a cloud based software company your customers are demanding SOC 2 compliance.  You’ve seen enough questionnaires and due diligence calls to fill a lifetime.  Your customers want to know they can trust you and their data will be protected.   

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Why SOC2? 

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) created the SOC 2 framework to address five trust principles. The SOC 2 framework is tailored for SaaS companies to improve their cybersecurity posture and to mitigate risks of a data breach. Vendors are more frequently requiring SaaS companies become SOC 2 compliant for many reasons. First, SOC 2 includes extensive third party vendor risk requirements. It also includes both internal and external threat analysis to detect potential threats. Becoming SOC 2 compliant demonstrates your dedication to cybersecurity to all stakeholders.  

SOC 2 Framework in a Nutshell 

SOC 2 compliance can be difficult and confusing. SOC 2 is a complicated framework that has 61 compliance requirements. Managing all of SOC 2’s controls and sub-controls can be tedious if you are still using Excel to manage your cybersecurity program. The SOC 2 requirements are all separate projects that need to be assigned, managed, and reported upon at any given time. Completion of these tasks increases your compliance score.  

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Why Managing SOC 2 Is So Difficult 

It takes hours, days and weeks to organize and report a SOC 2 program when you and your team would rather be spending time on innovation and growth initiatives. Customer security audits take valuable time to complete and can leave you legally vulnerable, if filled out incorrectly. Instead of filling out 200 question security questionnaire for every potential customer, what if there was a one-click program reporting available?  

There Is a Better Way

Apptega is cybersecurity management software that helps you easily build, manage and report your cybersecurity program.  Best of all, you can report your entire program in one click for customer audit requests.  How do we do it?  Through a series of intuitive apps that manage your program on the control and subcontrol level with real-time compliance scoring, project life cycle, task management and alerts all in one platform.  With Apptega’s user friendly SOC 2 framework, each requirement is mapped out and organized for simple implementation and reporting.  Want to add other frameworks to your program like PCI, NIST, GDPR or ISO27001?  Done, in seconds.    

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Apptega’s user-friendly platform makes managing SOC2 security and compliance a breeze.  Request a demo to see for yourself how one-click SOC2 reporting is revolutionizing security for SaaS companies of all sizes.   

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