Our “How to Architect and Deploy a SIEM Solution” Publishes

We just published our “How to Architect and Deploy a SIEM Solution” paper. Avid readers of our research will recognize that some of the content actually comes from our world-famousSecurity Information and Event Management Architecture and Operational Processes.” It was updated a few times – last in 2016, and then has gotten too obese at 60 pages of SIEM deployment and operations wisdom and there was not way to add new content. As a side note, in my 7+ years at Gartner, it remained one of my favorite papers. But obese papers don’t get love nowadays, so it needed to be cut into pieces and modernized …

The new paper is shorter, and focuses on the Part 1 of your SIEM journey – planning, architecting and deploying, while the upcoming Part 2 will focus on operations and evolution (very fun!)

The paper features a lot of amazing new visuals (and fewer gigantic tables!) – thanks to Anna. It has many brand new “Risks and Pitfalls” we’ve spotted recently, as well as more guidance on planning for analytics (UEBA-style) inside your SIEM.

My favorite quotes (but literally the entire paper is one big favorite):

  • “SIEM is expected to remain a mainstay of security monitoring, but many organizations are challenged with deploying the technology.”
  • A SIEM project isn’t really a project. It is a process and program that an organization must refine over time. It is never “complete” and should never be left without attention.”
  • Plan the SIEM strategically, but deploy tactically, achieving “quick wins” as part of a phased approach. Avoid multiyear projects with no clear and immediate value.”
  • Adopt the “output-driven SIEM” model, where nothing comes into a SIEM tool unless there is a clear knowledge of how it would be used.”
  • “SIEM implementations often fail to deliver full value — not only due to “broken tools,” but due to broken practices — including scoping, readiness and use-case design — within the organization that owns and operates the SIEM tool.” [A.C. – occasionally we DO see failure due to broken tools]
  • “If your SIEM deployment is a “white elephant” megaproject, the chance of failure is very high.”
  • “If you cannot find the personnel [for your SIEM effort], turn to SaaS SIEM, co-managed SIEM or MSSP models. Running or operating your own product SIEM is not for you.”


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