PCI Pal is excited to be a Silver Sponsor at Talkdesk’s Opentalk18 event this year in San Francisco, CA November 7th – 8th.

What to expect at the event

The Opentalk 18 event titled “Magic Moments: Amazing Customer Experiences” will give more than 5,000 attendees the chance to attend over 50 sessions across two days on a variety of topics in the industry including:

  • Bridging empathy and technology to challenge customers
  • Cultivating customer loyalty that lasts
  • Leadership and integrated training strategies
  • Leveraging the Cloud to its full extent to improve the customer experience

There are also many opportunities to network and meet industry thought leaders.

Interested in attending this event?

While you can see the agenda and register here for the event, plus you can also attend Opentalk18’s Customer Training on the 6th of November to enhance your skill set, network and learn.

Who is speaking?

There will be over 100 speakers from multiple industries and companies including major brands such as Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn who will be providing insight into improving the customer experience, leadership and sales.

Connect with us!

To connect with us prior to the event, follow us on LinkedIn or contact us at Join us out at Opentalk18 by registering here. Want to set up an appointment to discuss our compliance solutions while onsite? Reach out to us today!

We hope to see you there.

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