Mobile ID Verification in a Trusted Identity Assurance Platform

53% of companies use four or more types of authentication to identify internal users?

A recent Forrester report — that surveyed over 100 IT decision makers for authentication — found that organizations with frustrating security controls had increased support costs and the speed of their business was slowed.

As authentication complexity increases due to risk and regulations, organizations need to get rid of the “more-is-more” approach, and look for solutions that help streamline IT and the user experiences while still ensuring security is at the foundation of their business strategy.

Wondering how? It all starts with trusted identity. By issuing a digital identity to the device they love most (their mobile device), users get frictionless access to all of their apps with one credential.

At Entrust Datacard, we believe in the zero-trust and zero-factor framework. This means trust no one and incorporate a trusted identity assurance platform that helps you establish and maintain trust within your user base, transparently. Here’s what this looks like:

  • Establish Trust: How do you know your users are who they say they are? How do you know their devices haven’t been compromised? Incorporate solutions such as secure remote onboarding.


  • Conduct Transactions: Secure transactions and requests between trusted parties including network access, website authentication, cloud sso and desktop login.


  • Maintain Trust: Hackers have learned to insert themselves in the middle of legitimate transactions after they’ve been initiated and approved. Our solutions allow you to continuously authenticate identities and amounts throughout a transaction. If suspicious activities are detected — such as anomalies in user behavior or changes in amounts — you can challenge or shut down the request.

While all of these solutions and best-practices are equally important, what’s the game changer?

Mobile Identity Proofing for secure remote onboarding is key. This allows you to reliably verify the user’s identity, while improving the on-boarding experience, efficiently and effectively.
1. User downloads the organizations app and opts into new offering (new credit card, driver’s license, account opening)

2. User takes photo of government identity and selfie to submit for identity verification

3. Authentication services verifies authenticity of document, image of ‘self’ and the integrity of the mobile device

4. User is granted service or the issued mobile credential

This transformational step in a trusted identity assurance platform takes security and innovation to the next level. Serving multiple industries (banking, enterprise and government), all that is needed is a user’s mobile phone, internet connection and a physical government issued ID.

With Mobile ID Proofing, you are able to verify the user’s identity and device, and confidently issue a trusted identity so that only one credential is needed to access applications and conduct transactions. You’re happy, users are happy – and that makes us happy.

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