How to Hire a Data Protection Officer

The imposition of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR (beginning May 25th, 2018) has resulted in the rising importance of hiring a data protection officer. But what is the right way to hire a data protection officer? What are the important considerations when choosing someone for this position?

First, it is important to know what a DPO really is.

What Is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

The GDPR is a highly complex set of requirements, and it is vital to ensure GDPR compliance. Knowledge of the implementation of data protection strategy is extremely important for this process. A Data Protection Officer is a skilled professional who can take on the responsibility of carrying on data protection activities in addition to the proper implementation of protective measures.

A DPO assumes the leading role of supervising the implementation of the data protection strategy. The major challenge is to ensure GDPR compliance by meeting all the requirements of the newly-imposed regulations.

What Are the Required Qualifications for a Data Protection Officer?

A professional Data Protection Officer must have:

  • Extensive knowledge of and expertise in data protection law and practices
  • Knowledge of the IT infrastructure, layout and HR system of the company
  • Impressive communication skills to ensure proper dealing with the staff
  • Exceptional management skills for ensuring the proper handling of the tasks at hand
  • Have professional experience at managerial level in cyber security, risk compliance or IT department

What Are the Key Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer?

When hiring a Data Protection Officer it is important to determine the role and responsibilities of the job. It helps you find the perfect fit for the post of a DPO. The following are some key responsibilities for this position:

  • To determine the impact of the GDPR rules
  • To ensure that the company and (Read more...)

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