Guess What We Learned From Our Nonprofit Cybersecurity Experts…


We recently had a very successful webinar with a superb panel consisting of James Baird (VP IT of Security and Compliance at the American Cancer Society), Stan Kubis (CIO and the Senior VP of IT at Boys & Girls Clubs of America), and Mat Mathews (Senior Director of IT and Security at Boys & Girls Clubs of America). We discussed a variety of topics that will deliver great insight and solutions to enhancing your nonprofit’s security.  We examined the ever-changing threat landscape to your security. 

What are the trends that concern our panel the most? 

  • Phishing attacks

  • Shadow IT technologies like cloud providers

  • Alluring “security” companies selling or giving away products with inadequate security

  • Difficulties of controlling your information

  • Why nonprofits are targeted so much for fraud

We then considered the different approaches to managing your security, best ways to control the data that’s flooding the cloud and similar applications, tips and ideas for managing/assessing your security vendors, and different ways to designate the level of access your volunteers should have.

We also review the talent gap when it comes to cybersecurity, and how our panel has come up with some innovative and cost-efficient solutions to this overlooked issue.

We closed out the webinar with an explanation of why cyber insurance is essential to all companies (nonprofit or not), and have our panel deliver to first-time buyers of cyber insurance some valuable pointers.

You can listen to the entire hour-long webinar on demand here and keep a look out for additional Apptega blog posts where we will further unpack some of the great discussions with our expert panel.

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