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The Company

Founded in 2001, edvXpert GmbH is an IT service provider in Cologne, Germany that provides comprehensive IT support and security, infrastructure, and cloud computing services for small and medium-size enterprises with up to 200 employees.

“We support customers in a wide variety of industries — from automotive suppliers, estate agents, and property management companies to hotels and medical centers — and manage the entire IT environment, including installation, migration, monitoring, maintenance, and support of their IT systems,” says edvXpert GmbH Managing Director Christian Zimmermann.

The Challenge

The edvXpert GmbH team needed to make a change from the company’s current remote monitoring and management (RMM) vendor, SolarWinds MSP (formerly MaxFocus), to improve the level of support and ensure they could meet GDPR compliance requirements. To identify the best RMM solution to meet their needs, Zimmerman and Managing Director Christian Kielwein began a comprehensive analysis.

According to Kielwein, only a few vendors were considered due to their high demands for functionality, performance and support. RMM tools from Avast Business, Kaseya, and Connectwise Automate (formerly Labtech) were evaluated.

The Solution

“In the end, Avast Business Managed Workplace won us over with features that other solutions were unable to offer us: software distribution with MSI packages, integrated antivirus, and comprehensive security assessment of the network,” says Kielwein.

Prior to using Managed Workplace, edvXpert GmbH manually delivered Windows MSI installer packages to individual PCs. The Managed Workplace task automation service includes Windows MSI installer packages that can be installed, removed, or updated, enabling Zimmermann’s team to easily schedule and deploy the software to their customers. This significantly simplified onboarding and reduced installation time.

“By distributing software with MSI packages through Managed Workplace’s RMM, we’ve reduced the required installation time by at least fifty percent, and in some cases, even seventy-five percent,” says Sebastian Kuchenbecker, who spearheaded the implementation. “This means we can make better use of our time and concentrate on the essentials, like supporting customer IT infrastructures.”

Access to the Managed Workplace security assessment tool was also a deciding factor in choosing the Avast RMM. The team can now easily and efficiently perform security assessments across all customer locations and put measures in place to protect customer networks. They can perform a security assessment for one or all managed sites and identify network vulnerabilities, as well as evaluate the status of security measures such as updated antivirus software, patch management, and password policies.

“We really like the fact that the security of other devices such as printers, switches, and access points in the network is also analyzed and evaluated,” says Kielwein. “This enables us to identify and eliminate potential issues immediately.”

The Results

When implementing the solution, it was particularly important for the managing directors to be able to keep their promise to their customers at all times. This worked smoothly, thanks to the support of the Avast Business team. “First of all, we ran both solutions in parallel for our customers, then the old solution was switched off,” explains Zimmermann. “This enabled us to ensure that our customers’ systems always ran seamlessly despite the changeover. We converted the systems of all our customers within fourteen days using Managed Workplace.”

“With Managed Workplace, we found a solution that combines everything we wanted: a powerful product with fast, qualified support and quick and easy implementation — and all at a reduced cost,” says Zimmermann. “Compared to the previous solution, we were able to save thirty percent of our costs by using Avast Business Managed Workplace. So, the switchover has paid off in every respect.”

For the edvXpert team, it’s full steam ahead and no looking back. Managed Workplace has improved their efficiencies overall, but most notably by:

  • Saving 30% of overall costs just by switching over to MW
  • Reducing time required to set up new workstations by 75%
  • Facilitating full deployment across entire customer base within 14 days

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