Akamai mentors next generations of girls in tech

This summer Akamai hosted Girls Who Code for its fourth year in a row. Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science. Akamai sponsored the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program this past summer by providing the facilities and resources for the participants to learn. Part of the program involved the girls meeting with their mentor (an Akamai female employee) every Wednesday for advice and nuggets of wisdom. Here are quotes from some of the mentees and their mentors about their experience in getting to know each other.

Gauri and Lana

AWS Builder Community Hub

Gauri and Lana.png


“I had never talked to a professional from a world renowned company before; I learned how to hold good conversations. I have really enjoyed talking about my future with my mentor.”


“I value being able to share parts of my career path that were successful as well as the hurdles.”

Sarah and Lindsay

Sarah and Lindsay.png


“It has been fun. Lindsay is funny. I have always been concentrated on the field I’d like to pursue (medicine) and this experience has opened my eyes to other potential fields.”


“Mentoring Sarah has reminded me of what it is like to start something new. It is scary and awkward and difficult. But I have seen her grow and become more comfortable over the weeks of her being here. And that reminds me that starting something new/new challenges are good and rewarding.”

Stephanie Doiron and Laura Nguyen

Bansari Ghedia and Stephanie Ramirez 

SD and LN & BG and SR.png


“[We learned how] how diverse Akamai is. There are a lot of non-technical jobs available in the technical company. Collaboration is [also] important at Akamai.”

“Meeting with my mentor for an hour was always the highlight of the week!”


“I felt energized after the meeting. Thinking about how we were at that age. It was also a good reminder about what it felt like to be an intern – will keep that in mind next time I interview candidates for an internship.” 

“Seeing my mentee gaining confidence and developing her communication skills.”

Lia McCarthy and Tal Sternberg

Anna Scher and Sabrina Kalam

LM and TS & AS and SK.pngMentors: 

“We are so awestruck with the drive and initiative these girls have and how they chose their summer learning skills that will better themselves.”


“I was reminded about how much women in tech can empower and help each other.”

“Both mentors and mentees agree it was one of the highlights of our weeks.”

Annie DuBois and Melissa Noel

Cassie Jeon and Asanti Andrews

Ellen Bluth and Sophia Sonnert

AD and MN & CJ and AA & EB and SS.png


“It was great talking to someone who has been through the process and feel comfortable. You can trust this person and they can help you.”


“It’s amazing that this program exists and how quickly everyone is learning as part of the program. I feel like I’m learning from the students.”

“I’m so impressed with how articulate and how driven the girls have. They are building tangible skills.”

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