The Cybersecurity F-Word

Having spent nearly two decades in the cybersecurity industry representing some of the top technology and service providers, I’m no stranger to the various sales techniques that vendors use to convince prospective clients to invest their time, resources, and shrinking budgets into cybersecurity products and services. Although most will frown upon the use of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), a quick glance at their social media posts suggests that the practice is still alive and well.

Most cybersecurity presentations I’ve seen (and many I’ve given) include the “obligatory slide” that outlines many of the prominent cyber breaches. In my own social media feeds, I see dozens of articles that begin with:

  • XYZ company was hacked, here are top 5 things you should do to avoid being in the news.
  • Are you monitoring your (insert any part of your network here)? Well, you should be, because…
  • Change Your Password, (insert your favorite social platform) was just hacked.

While I’m sure cybersecurity vendors and their prospective clients would agree that FUD is not the optimal approach, we can see that vendors still engage in this practice.

So, why is FUD still happening?

The explanation (excuse?) I offer is simple: FUD is part of the business case. Here’s what I mean by that:

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