Duration: What Tech and Cyber Pros Can Learn from Hurricane Florence

As coverage of Hurricane Florence unfolded last week, one word kept coming up on Thursday and Friday as everyone prepared for the storm.


Beginning midweek, long before we knew where Florence would make landfall in the Carolinas, weather forecasters told us, “This storm appears different.” And, “We’ll be seeing the impacts from Florence for days.” 

They warned that Florence would likely slow down and meander along the coast. Forecasters said some areas in North and South Carolina will see heavy rain all weekend. Records flooding could result. Storm surge will be relentless, not because of records wind speeds, but due to unprecedented duration.

By Saturday morning, the situation was even more desperate, with descriptions becoming much stronger, and the situation along the Carolina coastal towns more dangerous. All of this before the cresting of rivers — still days away. 

ABC News: ‘It’s like a bomb has gone off here’: Stranded residents hunker down as Florence hammers NC. Expect, “catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding.”

USA Today: ‘Uninvited brute’: Florence leaves 7 dead; threatens Carolinas with 15 more inches of rain

NY Times: Hurricane Florence Live Updates: Catastrophic Flooding Feared as Storm Crawls Inland. “Florence continued its torrential roll through the Carolinas on Saturday, with winds blowing up to 50 miles an hour and officials fearing that the worst damage was yet to come. Forecasters are predicting record-setting rainfall as high as 40 inches, with an additional 10 to 15 inches still expected in some areas of North and South Carolina. …”

CBS News Miami: “Epic flooding through early next week.”

Weather.com: “Staggering numbers from Florence: 11 Deaths 18 Trillion Gallons of Rain”

Background on Online Threats During Hurricane Response

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