Top 10 Anti-Phishing Email Templates

Phishing remains a prominent way for cybercriminals to attack. It’s relatively easy to pull off and very profitable for perpetrators. According to research, the average cost of phishing attacks for U.S. businesses is $1.8 million. Moreover, you don’t have to be a genius to pull off a phishing attack. All they need to do is fake an email, so it appears to be coming from a trusted source. That email then attempts to gain sensitive information to be then able to infiltrate systems.

Phishing attacks will never be completely eradicated. Businesses will continue to be targeted, as a recent state of phishing attack revealed 76% of businesses have reported being a victim of a phishing attack.

As perpetrators become more sophisticated, the phishing emails do, too. It might have been easier to spot an attack years ago due to the content of the email and its broken English. Now, these criminals focus on victims and tailor scams. This is called spearfishing, and it’s often executed on businesses. So, what’s the solution to keep your employees alert and your company protected?

Education and training are critical, which means deploying phishing attacks on your own staff, so they understand how easy it is to take the bait. Check out these top 10 anti-phishing email templates to use for training.

1. Official Communication Templates

Your staff should be used to receiving regular communications from your human resources team or corporate communications group. These emails may be simple in design, with brand colors and logos accompanied by text. Users are also used to needing to take an action with this kind of email, like completing benefit enrollment.

So, it’s easy for an employee to click the message without thinking. Except that in a phishing email, while everything may look similar, it’s not. (Read more...)

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