Securing a Global Workforce: How OLX Group Dropped Employee Phishing Susceptibility Rates More Than 90% in 6 Months

Mariela Di Bartolomeo is the Risk and Controls Coordinator at OLX Group, a global product and tech group with over 5,000 employees and clients in more than 40 countries. She works out of the company’s Buenos Aires office, where she helps audit the organization’s information systems and leads OLX’s employee security awareness training program.

A client since 2017, OLX used the SecurityIQ awareness training platform to drop it’s employee phishing susceptibility rate more than 90% in six months. We sat down with Mariela to hear what she has to say about the platform, and learn how she achieved such great results in a few short months.

Why Did You Select SecurityIQ as Your Training Platform?

Mariela: We needed to increase employee security awareness at OLX, so we started pursuing security awareness training programs for our employees. We looked at three vendors and selected SecurityIQ as our platform.

It was important that we could access all training tools in one place. SecurityIQ fit our needs because it offers phishing simulations, awareness training modules and analytics in one platform. With employees in several countries, translations and closed captioning were also important. We use the translated modules with closed captioning to give training to employees in their native language and ease the comprehension and understanding of the content.

How Do You Use SecurityIQ to Improve End User Security Awareness?

Mariela: We run two-month employee awareness training campaigns every quarter. Each new awareness training campaign starts by gauging the level of security awareness for each office location with a phishing simulation. After that, we launch a series of awareness training videos. Employees then take an assessment to measure what they’ve learned. One month later, we launch another phishing campaign and compare the results to the previous simulation to measure progress overtime.

Following this approach, we’ve (Read more...)

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