Internetworking WMD

via Anthony Rutkowski, writing at CircleID, comes this tremendous piece on the conveyance as a weapon, entitled ‘Internet as Non-Kinetic WMD‘. Today’s Must Read.

“What is amazing about all of these contemporary developments is that the DARPA Director who originally approved the development of its internet initiative in the 1970s, Steve Lukasik, has been warning of the dangers of an open internet since it found its way into the public infrastructure in the 1990s. He pulled together an initial expert team in the mid-90s supported by NSA, and spent the next decade hosting extraordinary Red Team specialists and producing innumerable DOD reports on the multiple weaponizations of the open internet for kinetic attacks. ” – via Anthony Rutkowski, at CircleID, in his thought provoking article: ‘Internet as Non-Kinetic WMD

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