CISA Domain 5 – Protection of Information Assets

The focus of Domain 5 is the evaluation of controls for protecting information assets. The syllabus covers:

  • Logical security controls
  • Physical and environmental security controls
  • Information management
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the overall security system

This is the largest of the CISA domain and represents 25% of the syllabus – about 38 questions.

With the increase in the type and number of cyberthreats and highly visible cyber attacks, security and privacy have risen up the corporate agenda and underlines the importance of protecting data confidentiality, integrity, and availability (referred to as the CIA triad).

Information security is an organization-wide activity that needs leadership and support from senior management, a robust approach to risk management through policies and procedures, the use of appropriate technology tools, and ongoing training and monitoring. Collectively these are referred to as an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Logical access is the ability to interact with computing resources, through remote, direct or local network access. Logical access controls are used to prevent unwarranted access and cover all elements of the organization’s information systems. Auditors have a key role in ensuring the correct logical access controls are in place and being applied.

Although candidates don’t need to understand all controls in detail, they should have a good understanding of the main type and source of logical access threats and the controls used to address them.

The modern cyber threat landscape changes frequently, and auditors should also ensure that organizations have an ongoing risk assessment process in place that regularly searches for vulnerabilities and threats and updates controls to mitigate the associated risks.

The most common cyber attacks target individuals using techniques like malware downloads, phishing, and other social engineering techniques. Many organizations overemphasize their reliance on tech solutions – firewalls and the like – but don’t pay (Read more...)

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