Why Privacy Education is a Must in Security Awareness Training


Security awareness training is an essential part of running a business, but how often do we think about privacy education as a part of this process? There is a continual struggle between privacy and security for employees and employers alike, and finding out where the middle ground lies is essential if companies are going to create a secure and private working environment for employees to thrive in.

Another key component of security awareness training revolves around customer and company data. Then there’s company information sources, which must be safeguarded and protected at all costs. Security awareness training needs to cover many different aspects of best practice and acceptable data usage within the organization. This means that any training that covers security awareness needs to cover all of these subjects, and more.

What Are the Key Elements of Security Awareness Training and Privacy?

If we think about what an organization needs to do in order to remain secure, the first place to consult would be the company’s IT security policy. This document is responsible for determining the company’s security stance, and is ultimately responsible for aligning the behavior of its members with the security strategy. Human beings are the weakest link in the security chain, and it is important for people to understand their role in keeping company and customer data safe and private.

In order for employees to remain in line with the security policy, additional training is required at regular intervals, and security awareness training forms part of this. As with most policies, changes within the organization, legislation and the law can all affect the security requirements of the organization, and the efficacy of its members. This makes security awareness training especially important if the standards that have been set out previously are to be adhered to in (Read more...)

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