Who Should Pay for IT Security Training? The Employer vs. Employee Debate

Keeping abreast of the latest certifications in information technology is not easy, and there always seems to be updated revisions and new concepts to learn. This leaves many IT professionals on a continual certification track, endlessly studying for examinations and planning ahead for the next training course. All of this comes at a price, though, and often leaves employees wondering if they alone should have to shoulder the costs for such essential studies. Should the employer be making a contribution to IT security training, or is it the employee’s burden to carry alone?

The Current State of Training Requirements in IT Security

We know that the landscape in IT security is constantly changing, and as threats evolve, so too do the countermeasures that are needed to repel cyberattacks. These training resources require a fair bit of financial investment, time and energy from individuals. IT professionals are often called on to keep ahead of the technological trends and obtain the latest certifications.

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Training also plays a large role in the fight against security issues in IT. Smaller courses can also be taken by employees to fill in gaps in their knowledge, adding more value to the organization while broadening their own knowledge base.

The job requirements are therefore quite steep when employee training is concerned, and if a company is to remain secure and competitive, they will have to keep up-to-date with as many courses and certifications as they can. But what about instances where an employee finds a job in IT on their current certifications, but the role then requires additional training later on? Will the employee be responsible for spending time and money on a certification for a job that they already have, or does the employer bear some of the responsibilities?

The Employer’s Perspective

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