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The threat landscape is changing constantly, and organizations are looking for common defensive security solutions to prevent the menace of physical and cyberthreats. However, recent years have seen an inability of these security solutions to detect well-organized attacks in time, failing to safeguard organizations from data losses and compliance penalties.

Threat actors are continually developing new ways to steal data, disrupt businesses, and create reputational damage. CSO Online covered seven potential cybersecurity trends for 2018, including AI-powered attacks, sandbox-evading malware, ransomware and IoT, a rise of state-sponsored attacks, the adoption of more sophisticated security technologies, emerging standards for multi-factor authentication, and a string of companies that will fail to comply with GDPR regulations.

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Under such circumstances, organizations must improve their prevention mechanisms against never-before-seen attacks and reduce time to detect resident adversaries. The organizations — especially the financial sector — will want military-grade capabilities to anticipate threats, pinpoint money laundering, and prevent banking frauds.

For this to be done effectively, enterprises need to integrate threat-hunting solutions alongside their already-deployed security systems such as SIEM and antivirus products. According to a 2018 Threat Hunting Report published by IBM Security, 40% of organizations across the globe are increasingly using threat-hunting platforms. Threat hunting as a tactic is quickly gaining popularity, and enterprises are marshaling resources to make the switch from reactive to proactive defense tactics.

In the following sections, we will explore the essential attributes of threat-hunting solutions and discuss some reliable products.

What Are the 4 Most Important Attributes of Threat Hunting Solutions?

Adversaries are increasing their number of targets significantly faster than the enhancements than organizations can respond. Even current threat-hunting solutions are unable to provide 100% security. However, your organization should look for a reliable and effective threat hunting solution that has the following crucial attributes:

  1. Stealth

If (Read more...)

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