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The Company

Founded in 1983 as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Brite Computers began offering managed services about ten years ago. Today, the company, based in Victor, NY, is a well-established managed services provider. Its core service quadrants — proactive technology management, network administration, technology consulting, and reactive support services — are key to the company’s managed services strategy for clients that range from mid-market organizations to multinational enterprises.

“We progressively began investing in the tools and management software that would position us effectively to deliver managed services,” shares VP of Operations David D’Agostino. “Today, we are proud to say we deliver world-class service, and this is largely due to the maturity of our four service quadrants, our processes, and our focus and passion to go above and beyond to exceed client expectations.”

The Challenge

Brite became an Avast-AVG partner ten years ago, when it began offering managed services. “Back then,” David explains, “we believed the best strategy was to host the Managed Workplace on-premise solution on our private cloud. But as we grew our managed services, we had issues, and at the time we didn’t realize how much our private cloud environment contributed to this. Unfortunately, this made us hesitant to upgrade Managed Workplace and we began to disengage from AVG-Avast.”

But this past year, David and his team re-evaluated their business objectives. “We really needed to re-engage,” he states, “and evaluate how Managed Workplace could continue to meet our current goals. That’s not an easy conversation or problem to tackle with a partner and it required shared responsibility on both sides.”

The Solution

After strategic discussions with the AVG-Avast team, David made the move to an Avast Business cloud-hosted environment to deploy the latest version of Managed Workplace. David explains, “We had previously migrated all of our end users from a third-party antivirus product managed through the cloud by McAfee to AVG and then to Avast Business. Because we made this early investment, the decision to continue our investment in Managed Workplace and re-engage our partnership made sense.

“We were immediately able to reduce overall costs and overhead and add redundancy to our service offering. We can now monitor and manage an entire customer site from one interface, and the combination of upgrading to the latest version and moving to the Avast Business cloud infrastructure eliminated many of the issues we had experienced in the past.”

David and his team also use the service plans for faster onboarding. “Currently we are onboarding four new customers that we closed within the last ten business days. Using Managed Workplace’s service plans, we can onboard customers and add them to the service plan automatically. This literally saves us a week’s worth of work.”

The Results

Six months later, Brite Computers and the Avast-AVG team are back on a successful path toward shared goals with a focus on regular strategy meetings, goal alignment, product enhancement, and roadmap input. David credits Managed Workplace with the following benefits that his team is currently enjoying:

  • A partnership that aligns with their current business focus
  • New efficiencies and cost savings due to their move to a hosted cloud environment
  • Improved management and monitoring of all customer endpoints

“Relationship is key in the service business, and we are excited to move forward with the Avast-AVG team,” adds David. “At the end of the day, it’s about the people and the time both sides invest in the partnership. We really value the dedication, communication and support of our account manager and this was critical in continuing our investment. She has helped us build out our managed security services and continues to help us navigate the channel and understand the market.”

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