Mocana Leverages TPM 2.0 for Secure Embedded and IOT Devices

On July 24, eWeek published a story about new support for TPM 2.0  from TCG member Mocana,

eWeek security journalist Sean Kerner (@SeanKerner) notes, “…Mocana is set to announce on July 25 that it is supporting the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 standard to help improve the security of embedded devices that make up the internet of things (IoT).

The TPM 2.0 standard enables organizations to provide cryptographic assurance about software delivery. TPM 2.0 support on the Mocana platform also enables new forms of embedded security for containers running on devices. A core improvement that TPM 2.0 provides over the older TPM 1.2 standard is that multiple sets of cryptographic keys and owners can be involved in the attestation process for security and authenticity.

“The multiple hierarchies of the keys allow us to provide solutions sets for signing and for endorsement process that are associated with the various ownership models and it allows us to put things together for a supply chain where we can have multiple signatories,” Dean Weber, CTO of Mocana, told eWEEK. “TPM 1.2 had a single owner, whereas in this new model we can promote multiple owners.”

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