How Spikeball Dropped Their Phishing Susceptibility Rate by 30% In 6 Months

Headquartered in Chicago, the team at Spikeball Inc. is on a mission to build the next great American sport. If you haven’t heard of Spikeball™, it’s a four-player game the company describes on its website as “if volleyball and foursquare had a baby.”

Spikeball Inc. is a startup in every sense. With 24 full-time employees located all over the U.S., technology — and cybersecurity — plays a critical role at the company. To educate its remote team about the risks of security threats like phishing, Spikeball’s COO tasked Event Operations Manager Logan Cornelius with finding a security awareness training platform in early 2018.  

We met with Logan to learn why he selected SecurityIQ as Spikeball’s awareness training platform and how he’s since used SecurityIQ to drop his team’s phishing susceptibility rate by 30% in just six short months.

Image courtesy of Spikeball, Inc.

Why Did Spikeball First Start Looking for a Security Awareness Training Solution?

Logan: Our COO put together a security team to help evaluate our digital security and look for ways we could improve. One of the first things we considered pursuing was security awareness training for our team. A lot of the programs we use at Spikeball have built-in security measures designed to protect data, but if the end user doesn’t know how to avoid things like phishing emails, those measures won’t always work. Since we do most of our business online, we wanted to be proactive and teach our team how to operate securely.

I also took security awareness training at college, and have several friends at other companies with security awareness training programs in place. I started looking around for an easy way to test and educate our employees. That’s how we found SecurityIQ.

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