CISOs Place Improved Threat Detection while Boosting Performance as Top Benefits of Security Suites

As 250,000 new malicious programs and an increasing number of tailor-made threats try to wreak havoc on corporate IT infrastructures each day, CISOs face a seemingly impossible challenge: to add better protection while remaining fast and flexible in tackling modern threats.

This complicated paradigm is confirmed by the results of a recent Bitdefender survey of 100 CISOs in the US and the UK showing that improved threat detection is perceived as the most important benefit of integrated EPP and EDR solutions.

99% of CISOs surveyed agreed the convergence of EDR and EPP solutions will not only offer added value for organizations, but will also improve their security posture without sacrificing performance or off-balancing security budgets.

Some 63% of respondents admit using solutions incorporating EDR together with EPP tools, while only 36% use it as a standalone solution. 

The latest Q2 2018 Forrester Wave™ evaluation of Endpoint Security Suites by Forrester Research only included 15 vendors in the assessment that met 3 key inclusion criteria: “they had a security suite that can prevent, detect, and remediate endpoint threats, a strong enterprise market presence and a high degree of interest from enterprise buyers.”

The main reason for corporate investment in EDR tools is to increase visibility into what is happening inside the organization and, equally important, to reduce the time and cost of incident investigation and response.

The natural question here is obvious: can a security solution provide superior protection and still allow flexibility and performance?

Bitdefender has been named as a leader by Forrester Research in its Q2 2018 Forrester Wave™ evaluation of Endpoint Security Suites.  It received the highest scores possible in the Platform support, product roadmap and licensing partner presence criteria. (Download the full report here)

The report states: “Customers report above-average prevention capabilities and low detriment to endpoint user experience”.

We believe both the criteria we attained the highest possible scores and the statement about customer reports are indicators we are providing an answer to the question above.

According to the Forrester report: “Buyers want an endpoint security suite that is effective at stopping modern threats without adding to their security team’s complexity. They also want to trust the vendor, both as a strategic partner and as a steward of their data.” The report also mentions “One of Bitdefender’s major differentiators is the reach of its sensor network.”

Bitdefender has more than 600 engineers and researchers constantly monitoring its global network of more than 500 million sensors for emerging threats. The team aggregates the data to identify exactly what is happening in the industry, enabling development of new technology expressly designed to mitigate imminent cyber threats.

Bitdefender’s Enterprise endpoint protection offering consists of Bitdefender GravityZone, a leading security solution to secure even the most complex hybrid infrastructures. GravityZone Ultra is an integrated layered next-gen endpoint protection and easy-to-use detection and response platform that accurately protects enterprises against even the most elusive cyber threats. The GravityZone suite, built from the ground-up as single agent / single console architecture, greatly reduces the effort to deploy and effectively manage the security of endpoint infrastructure

*The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q2 2018 by Chris Sherman [2680] and Salvatore Schiano [9884] with Christopher McClean [1835], Madeline Cyr, and Peggy Dostie

June 21, 2018

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