All about SamSam Ransomware

Threatening and Risky for you and fruitful for hackers, ransomware has taken over as today’s no. 1 security threat. Attacks related to ransomware have increased over the past few years and will continue as it gets more destructive as the time passes. The question arises what is ransomware and why it is so dangerous? Ransomware is malicious software which encrypts files on your computer or completely locks you out. It is done by cybercriminals who demand a ransom (sometimes in bitcoins), an assertion that, if you pay, you will receive the decryption key to recover your infected files.

The first-time ransomware came into being or you can say the first attack occurred in 1989 when evolutionary biologist Joseph Popp infected floppy disks with the AIDS Trojan and distributed them to fellow researchers. The malware did not start immediately, but it waited till PC was booted 90 times. Then, it locked all system files and asked the users to pay $190 to get the locked files back. Fortunately, experts came up with tools to remove the malware and decrypt infected files. Soon the question aroused that is ransomware a virus? Nope. Viruses are different from ransomware, the virus infects your files or software, and it can replicate, but ransomware scrabbles your files to make them unusable, then demands you must pay up as per asked. They can be deleted with antivirus, but if your files are encrypted chances are you’ll never get them back. After this, ransomware attacks continued, and still, we see they happen as recently SAMSAM ransomware attack took place, let us see what it was all about with the help of the following pie chart.

AppSec/API Security 2022

The SamSam group has been notorious since 2015, causing it first major scene of mass chaos in 2016(several infected hospitals in the USA), and (Read more...)

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